Friday, 30 September 2016


June 2016

I spotted these little shorts on ravelry a few years ago, and thought that were so cute, I was determined to have a go at them. Lucy is just learning to crawl, and so we're mostly going to be giving dresses a miss over the winter, as they're not the most practical at this age. Shorts make a lovely alternative, particularly as she's less prone to nappy leakage now she's on solids - probably too much information, that, but given the work that went into these, I would rather they didn't get poo on them. I don't think that's unreasonable really...

This is a pattern which is only available in Norwegian, but with the help of google translate and a little bit of common sense I managed to make it out. In this day and age, when there are so many supportive people out there in cyberspace, it's nice to think that the lack of an English version of a pattern is no reason not to have a go anyway. The Excuse Me? group on ravelry is especially helpful when it comes to translating the tricky bits, but for the most part, google translate is more than adequate.

These shorts have a drawstring waist to hold them up. The pattern suggests threading the cord drawstring through at the end after you have sewn the waistband hem down already. I thought it might be easier to add it as I went.

As these have folded over and sewn down hems at the waist and legs, I think that if I was to make them again I might work the inside part of the hems in a contrast colour, as it's a very cute look.

These are a little on the snug side, but should see Lucy through winter ok - I wanted to stick with a stitch count which would make sure the chart ended in the right spot. I also moved the start of round to the back of the shorts, as I there was bound to be a slight jpg in the olourwork where one round ended and the next began, and I felt I would rather have that happen there than at the front (although there’s something to be said for doing it the other way around when you’re knitting for someone who spends so much time with their bum in the air).

I did pick up some stitches inside the shorts and knit a reenforced gusset, as they felt a little bit loose there. I am a little bit envious of Lucy's knitted hot pants, and toying with the idea of improvising an adult pair, but if I do, I'll probably skip that bit, as I don't fancy the woollen double gusset much.

These were knitted from stash using a 4-ply sock yarn which long since lost it's label. I think it might well have been King Cole zigzag but I wouldn't swear to it.

Pattern: Stjerneshorts by Tina Hauglund
Yarn: Grey/cream wool blend 4-ply of unknown origin
Size: 6-12 months
On ravelry: here