Thursday, 24 March 2011


March 2011

This yarn was a Christmas present bought for me by a generous friend during a trip to New York. It's always lovely to have other people buy you yarn, especially when they have only the vaguest of ideas about what you usually knit with, because you can end up with some wonderful surprises.

I wanted a fairly simple pattern for this yarn so that the beautiful colour changes didn't get lost under some fancy detail or other. Having been sorely tempted by Clara and Myrtle I settled on Folded, because it looked like the sort of sweater I could get a lot of use from.

All that stocking stitch in such a lightweight yarn was pretty tedious, and as a result I took about three months to get this done.

Some fairly minor mods:
  • I added a little length (about half an inch or so);
  • 3 of the pleats are supposed to lean one way and 3 the other (so that they're all facing inwards). It doesn't bother me, but I think I must have done something wrong, because mine all seem to face the same way;
  • I made the sleeves flat and seamed them, because in order to knit them in the round, I would have needed to use DPNs, and I found it very difficult to get a neat result that way (due, I think, to a fatal combination of lightweight yarn and fairly heavy wooden DPNs); and
  • I added 6 rows of garter stitch at the neckline. The pattern would have you work it in stocking stitch, but I found it rolled over on itself that way.
Normally I would have added a bit of a bust-dart too, but this is fairly loose fitting and I didn't really see the need. As a result it's roomier around my hips and waist than around my bust, but I don't mind that. Being quite loosely knit, the Malabrigo sock has a really lovely drape.

Pattern: Folded by Veera Välimäki
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock
Amount: About 2.2 skeins
Colourway: Rayon Vert
Needles: 3.50mm
Size: Small
On ravelry: here


  1. It looks amazing. What a lovely friend to bring Malabrigo. I think you will wear this loads. I must get round to doing a sock weight sweater as it is something that everyone needs!

  2. This sweater looks great. I love the colour. I don't think I have ever received a yarn gift. How lovely.

  3. It looks lovely! I wish someone would bring me yarn like that...