Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Wee Chickadee

April 2016

This little cardigan is one of the cutest partrns I have seen in ages, and Ysolda Teague’s patterns are always really well written, so I couldn’t resist it. This was made for my baby daughter Lucy as an extra layer to throw on on those cooler summer days, though admittedly my choice of colours meant that it seemed to coordinate with fewer outfits than I would have hoped.

My one gripe was that although I thought I had followed the pattern to the letter, the top buttonhole of the cardigan was much to low down, which meant that the collar appeared to come up very high on Lucy. I’m not sure if it’s a problem others have had too, or just one of those things, but it’s definitely something I would keep an eye on if I was to make this again.

This yarn proved a little disappointing too. It’s cheap, it makes colour work look very good, and it’s machine washable and soft, so it had great potential. Sadly though, I found it didn’t wash very well, and had to do a little repair job on a couple of snapped stitches after a few washes.

With the suggested needle size - 3.25mm - my gauge was 26.5st to 10cm blocked, so I went down to 3mm.

Pattern: Wee Chickadee by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: King Cole Merino Blend 4-ply in Stone (blue), Emperor (purple) and Aran (white)
Size: Smallest
On ravelry: here

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