Monday, 5 November 2012

Cartman Hat

August 2012

The problem with having a baby son is that I can't help wanting to dress him up in clothes he probably wouldn't approve of, if he was capable of expressing an opinion about it. So this is me making hay while the sun shines, and dressing him up as Eric Cartman. I'm also working on a Stewie Griffin costume, perhaps even including a ginger wig for me.

Anyway, this hat was pretty much improvised. Based on a gauge of 22 stitches to 4 inches and a head measurement of about 16 inches, I cast on 85 stitches. The yellow brim was in garter stitch and about five ridges (or ten rows) wide. The main body was in stocking stitch, which I worked even until about 4 inches from the cast on edge.

Deceases were as follows:

k1, (k2tog, k5) around

k one row even

k1, (k2tog, k4) around

k one row even

and so on, with one less stitch between decreases every other row until there were 13 stitches left.

I left the last few stitches on the needle. whilst I made the pom-pom, so that I could attach it by pulling the two ends of yellow yarn through them as well as the blue working yarn.

Much as would have loved to put him in a red coat and yellow mittens for the photos, it was August and WAY too hot!

Yarn: Patons Fab dk

Amount: less than one skein of each
Colourway: 2302 Yellow / 2315 Blue
Needle: 3.50mm
Size: 9 - 12 months 
On ravelry: here

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