Sunday, 4 November 2012

Little Coffee Bean

May 2012

I loved this little cardigan. The yarn was a lidl special offer, and very cheap, but lovely and soft. It knitted up beautifully and wasn't splitty at all. The first time George wore it was to a playgroup, and it was spotted as handmade by a fellow knitter, which was gratifying.

Little coffee bean is a top down, seamless pattern, and I always enjoy those. I worked the sleeves in the round using the jobless stripe method set out in Jared Flood's turn a square pattern.

I'm tempted to make this again one day, maybe in a warmer yarn for the winter. I'm a big fan of cardigans without hoods at the moment, as the ones with hoods can get a bit too bulky with a coat on top.

These picture were taken when George was just over six months old - moving onto solid food but not yet mobile, and so at his chubbiest. And just as he was starting to play with his feet :)

Pattern: Little Coffee Bean by Elizabeth Smith
Yarn: Lidl Spring Crochet Assortment
Amount: one skein of each 
Colourway: blue / navy
Needle: 4.50mm
Size: 6 months 
On ravelry: here 

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