Monday, 7 January 2013

First Outing Afghan

October 2011

This was part of a "OMG I need LOADS of blankets" phase I went through when I was very pregnant, made out of the same yarn, and to coordinate with this cardigan and these mittens (which I notice I also didn't get around to blogging at the time...)

We did get a lot of use out of this when George was smaller. Now he's mobile, and so prone to kicking off blankets that we use a gro-bag, it's still pretty handy for car journeys and the odd game of peekaboo.

I love the fact that a pattern from the 1940s still looks so contemporary, and it was great fun to make because the honeycomb effect is much easier than it looks to achieve. The wrong side is shown in the picture below, and while it's not exactly as pretty as the right side, it's certainly liveable-with.

It should have a garter stitch edging along the two sides, made by way of picking up and knitting a heck of a lot of stitches. But just as I got to that stage, George arrived (8 days early) and so it remains technically unfinished. I like it that way, because I know the reason.

Pattern: First Outing Afghan by Bernhard Ulmann / Bear Brand / Botany / Bucilla / Fleisher 
Yarn: King Cole Big Value Baby dk
Colourway: 221 Pebble / 46 Cream
Needle: 3.50mm
Size: One size
On Ravelry: here

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