Sunday, 28 July 2013

Canyonlands Shawl

June 2013

A non-knitter friens of mine inadvetantly presented me with a bit of a challenge recently when he very generously brought me back three skeins of Madaleinetosh Tosh Sock from a recent trip to Arizona. All different colourways, and all variegated. I've been madly digging aroung for one-skien projects which look good in a variegated yarn ever since, and that is how I discovered this shawl.

The appeal with this was that I though the stripes going in more than one direction might look quite cool.

It's my mother's Christmas present, which I decided I would make in June. Mostly because I was going on holiday, and this was a pretty easily portable project to take along. And I thought the garter sections might make some long car journeys more fun. I wasn't the one driving, by the way.

I'd say it looks a lot harder than it is - the edging is joined to the garter section using ssk rather than anything scary.

This colourway is pretty special too. It's brown but it's blue but it's pink but it's purple. I would love to know what that has to do with cathedrals, mind you!

Pattern: Canyonlands Shawl by verybusymonkey
Yarn: Madeleinetosh Tosh Sock
Colour: Cathedral
Amount: 1 skein
On ravelry: here

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