Thursday, 10 June 2010

Baby Viking Hat

February 2009

There's NOTHING cuter than a baby in a novelty hat. So I found this pattern totally irresistible.

This was based on Sarah's pattern, but very loosely. I had to modify it for gauge and so that the hat was knitted flat rather than in the round (I hadn't got the hang of DPNs at this stage). I also started shaping the crown much sooner than intended, and stuffed the horns so as to bulk them out a bit.

The whole thing took less than two days to make (with a little bit of help from my Mum, who did the horns), and is still one of my favourite finished objects ever.

Pattern: Baby Viking Hat by Sarah Fama
Yarn: Sublime extra fine merino dk
Amount: 1 skein of each
Colourway: 014 Toast (brown), 003 Alabaster (cream), 018 Dusted Grey (grey)
Needles: 3.50mm
Size: Smallest
On ravelry: here

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