Sunday, 27 June 2010


September 2009

I probably would never have made this, if it wasn't for ravelry.

The version in Rowan Studio 4 was knitted up in a very pale coloured yarn, and the lace detail didn't really show up very clearly. It was the darker versions on ravelry, especially those worn with something pale underneath which I was inspired by. Which just goes to show you that sometimes enthusiastic amateurs can do a better job than professional photographers and models...

It was a quick and lovely project. Kidsilk haze is expensive, but goes a long way and feels soft as can be. I like my sweaters closer fitting than this was designed to be, so I made the smallest size available, and even that feels plenty roomy. I think mohair isn't especially great at keeping its shape.
I'd had the yarn I used for this for a long time, originally intending to make something else with it. When I settled for this project I did have to top up my supply, but the difference in dyelots really didn't seem to show up.

Pattern: Lucetta by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Studio 4
Yarn: Rowan Kid Silk Haze
Amount: 6 skeins
Colourway: Liqueur
Needles: 5.00mm and 5.50mm
Size: Smallest
On ravelry: here

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  1. I love this pattern !!!
    I'll try to do it. I hope it's not to difficulte for me....
    Congratulation, this project is perfect !