Saturday, 30 November 2013

Big Digger

November 2013

I was bought this pattern book last Christmas, so I thought it was about time to make something from it!

This sweater was the main reason I asked Santa for the book - our surname is Digwood, and so we get nicknamed "Diggers" fairly often. And my son is properly obsessed with diggers just at the moment, in the way only a toddler knows how. In fact sometimes we go down to a nearby building site to watch the diggers working on some new houses. Often, they flash their lights at him (at least, I think it's him they're flashing at, and not me…)

Anyway, given my new-found familiarity with construction vehicles, I can confidently testify that they are usually yellow, not the red used in the original pattern. This would bug me, hence my choice of colours. I also worked the yoke stripes in garter stitch, and added a button to the neckline. Even so, using an ordinary cast off left me a neckline too narrow to fit over his massive head, but ripping back and using a decrease cast off instead fixed that.

There's a lot of finishing with this one - it's knitted flat, so needs seaming and then some of the detail is embroidered on. I roped my Mum in to doing the embroidery for me, although George couldn't resist picking at the French knots when he first wore this, and so it's gone to her house for a little holiday while they get sewn down more securely.

Reading up on ravelry about this made me think it would be sensible to add length and loose some width, so I did. I'll try to remember to come back to post my finished measurements when I get the jumper back, but I'm pretty happy with the way it fits at the moment, and I think it will probably last through winter 2013/14.

George seems quite happy with it too. He's getting a bit picky about his clothes, but this is a hit so far. Also, I love this picture, because to me it looks as if he's got his fingers crossed because he's hoping the digger might come to life or something!

Pattern: Big Digger by Lucinda Guy from Handknits for Kids
Yarn: Hayfield Bonus dk / Patons fab dk
Colour: 971 Navy and 0838 Grey / 2305 Yellow and 962 White
Amount: 1.5 skeins of navy and less than one skein of the other colours
On ravelry: here

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