Saturday, 16 November 2013


November 2013

This Christmas I'm making presents for a brother and sister for whom I have never knitted before. For him, there is Daniel's pirate mashup, and that turned out far better than I had ever expected. I almost felt like it was an impossible act to follow, but all the same I'm quite pleased which this Sourpatch, for her.

This was designed to be made from cotton, and worn as a summer top, but I think it would be equally useful in the winter with a long sleeved top underneath, and besides, I'm trying to run down the acrylic side of my stash, so that is what I used.

It was a very quick and satisfying project with virtually no finishing, and a freebie pattern, which is always nice. The only modification I made was to omit the increase round after the yoke was finished. The recipient is quite a small girl, and it would have come out much too big otherwise.

Pattern: Sourpatch by Corrina Fergusonrom from Petite Purls, Issue 5 Summer 2010
Yarn: Hayfield Bonus dk, King Cole Big Value dk and Patons Fab dk
Colour: 884 (purple), 11 (green), 2358 Iris (blue), 2305 (yellow) and 2323 (red)
Amount: Less than one skein of each
On ravelry: here

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  1. A very nice top, the colors are so lovely, I hope she'll love it!