Tuesday, 6 July 2010


February 2010

The more I knit this sort of neckline the more I wonder whether I can carry it off. I think that may have been the issue with Polly too, come to think about it. Still, you live and learn.

Somehow I ended up buying the wrong amount of yarn for this project, and have two skeins of the Ultra Alpaca Light left over. It's such a lovely yarn that I don't mind at all - someone's going to get a lovely hat next Christmas...

I do love this project - maybe slightly less than Annikki from the same collection, but that's one of my favourite FOs ever. Chantal is simple, and yet was novel enough to avoid being a boring knit, despite the fact that the Fisherman's Rib takes a long time to grow.

The ribbing makes it nicely fitted around the waist, despite not having any shaping, and it yarn is so soft and warm that it's had a lot of wear already.

Pattern: Chantal by Norah Gaughan from Norah Gaughan Volume 1
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca and Ultra Alpaca Light
Amount: 2.5 / 5 skeins
Colourway: 6212 / 4212
Needles: 4.50mm and 5.00mm
Size: 34"
On ravelry: here

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