Saturday, 22 May 2010

Ladies' Cardigan in Freedom Spirit (Twilleys 455)

January 2008

Twilleys Freedom Spirit is a varigated, pure wool yarn which is extremely affordable. It was recommended to me by the lovely people at Sheepish, Knaresborough, and I can definitely see why they thought so highly of it.

As with any pure wool, it does tend to pile a bit, and I found it more fragile to knit with than anything I had used before. The colour combinations, though, are just fab.

This was a lovely simple pattern, and great fun to knit. I particularly liked the fact that it was customisable, as the pattern contained options for a crew neck or a v-neck and for a cropped cardigan or a full length one. I opted for the v-neck full length version.

The only real difficulty I had was the 2x2 rib edging which runs up the front edges of the cardigan and around the neck. This is all picked up and knit in once piece, something which is practically impossible with the straight needles I was using at the time. What you need is a a very long circular needle. Still, you've got to love a pattern which gives you an excuse to go running back to the yarn store...

Pattern: Cardigan in Freedom Spirit (Twilleys 455)
Yarn: Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit
Amount: 7 skeins
Colourway: 506 Air
Needles: 4mm
Size: UK 12
On ravelry: here

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