Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ladies' Cardigan in Just Bamboo (Sirdar 9022)

June 2008

Just Bamboo is a bamboo tape yarn similar to Rowan's Bamboo Tape, but very different to anything I'd knitting with previously. I found it a bit fiddly to knit with because it's very difficult not to twist it, and it can be a wee bit splitty. The end result more than makes up for it, though.

Knitted up, bamboo tape is extremely soft and, for want of a better word, drapey. It's a heavy but loosely knit fabric which somehow seems to know just how it ought to hang, if that makes any more sense. It's also very gratifying to be able to wear a handknit even in the height of summer.

I made a size larger than I needed again for this project, since I was concerned about gaping between the buttons having seen the modelled pictures. As you can see, this strategy didn't eliminate the gaping on my version, so I guess it's just part of the design. I've decided I rather like it now, fickle creature that I am.

Pattern: Cardigan in Just Bamboo (Sirdar 9022)
Yarn: Sirdar Just Bamboo
Amount: 7 skeins
Colourway: Driftwood
Needles: 5.5mm
Size: 14

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