Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Gloves in Country Style dk (Sirdar 8596)

January 2007

I'd only been knitting for a couple of months when I got my first special request - for a pair of purple gloves. The intention was that the left one should have the letter "L" on it, and the right one the letter "R", because the chap who requested them used to enjoy teasing his wife about not being able to tell left from right. So far so good.

At that point the prospect of making something as fiddly as gloves terrified me, and so the very idea of attempting intarsia was just too much. Call me a big fat knitting traitor, but I embroidered the letters onto the completed gloves instead.

Even with this shortcut, I needed a lot of help and guidance with this project from my Mum. It's great knitting for other people to order, but I do wonder how often they really have any grasp on how realistic their request actually is! Still, I couldn't have gone on making scarves for ever...

The great thing about this pattern is that it was nice and basic, easy to follow and had lots of potentially useful options (fingers or fingerless, length of cuff). NB, whilst the pattern was written for Sirdar Country Style dk, I used Sirdar Country Style 4-ply.

Pattern: Sirdar 8596
Yarn: Sirdar Country Style 4ply
Amount: Less than one skein
Colourway: 529 Magenta
Needles: 3.25mm
Size: Large

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